Elements Home Energy Solutions is an independent energy audit and retro-fit service located in Columbia, Missouri.

Our goal is to educate home-owners and equip them with the information they need to make good choices on energy improvements.

At Elements, a home performance energy audit involves taking a whole-house approach to assessing your efficiency.  We carefully consider multiple elements of the home in order to provide the most detailed look into any trouble spots that may exist. The benefit to you is that since we are not just a window, insulation, or furnace company, you will get recommendations that will make sense, and not just a sales pitch about things we sell.  

After the audit, homeowners are presented with a prioritized action plan to help them know which improvements will save them the most money, as well as, make the home more comfortable. Additionally, we can help you take advantage of some great rebates and low-interest finance options.

Taking action on recommended improvements is one of the most important steps, but can be one of the most challenging. You may choose any contractor you like, but Here at if you need assistance, Elements can help you implement all of the improvements we recommend, either in house, or by using local businesses and contractors we know and trust. 

Is an home performance energy audit right for you? Contact us today and ask about a home consultation.


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