Home Performance with Energy Star


Upon arrival, we will conduct an interview with you and discuss  issues and concerns you have regarding your home.

Then a comprehensive inspection of your home will be performed.  The initial in-home audit takes approximately 2 1/2 - 4 hours.  The homeowner is required to be present for the first hour.  Some of the elements considered are insulation, appliances, air leaks, and heating and air conditioning systems. 

After the inspection is complete, a general list of improvements and recommendations will be discussed.  This will be followed up after we have an opportunity to fully evaluate all the data collected to form a prioritized action plan for your home.

At this time, you will also learn more about the rebate and financing options that may be available for you.

Next, it’s time for you to take action.  You may do as much or as little of the work yourself or arrange work to be done.  However, we offer our services to implement any recommendations done to your home.  This minimizes scheduling and communication difficulties that can arise when  additional contractors are required. When needed, we will only use locally owned businesses that we know and trust.

After all of the improvements are completed, contact us to schedule a post-test.  This will take approximately 1 1/2 hours.  At this visit, your home’s estimated improved efficiency and rebates will be calculated. 

If you plan to take advantage of financing through the Columbia Water and Light Super Saver Program, the application can be filled out at the initial test.  At the post-test, the terms and interest-rate will be discussed with a representative from the City of Columbia.

Finally, enjoy your healthier, more comfortable home, while saving on your energy costs for years to come.

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Energy Star

Super Saver Loan App.

Why should you participate?

  1. 1.Feel more comfortable

  2. 2.Find solutions to problem areas in your home

  3. 3.Up to $1200 in rebates

  4. 4.Low-interest financing available for Columbia residents

  5. 5.Lower your utility cost and lower energy use

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